‘Close-Up’ Show

A personal magic show and an extraordinary experience for every guest!

Elhanan Bar – juggler, master of illusion and professional ‘close-up’ magician – performs an extraordinary ‘Close-Up’ show, a truly unique experience which is sure to become the center of attention at any event.

The ‘Close-Up’ Show is a unique magic show in which Elhanan Bar walks amongst the audience and performs magic tricks and illusions to each individual guest, at the highest international level. The ‘Close-Up’ show allows audience members to participate as Elhanan shows them amazing magic tricks up close and personal, proving to be an extraordinary personal experience for each and every guest.

The show is perfect for both private and business events at both the reception stage and as guests are gathered around tables, with ‘Close-Up’ artist Elhanan Bar mingling and getting involved with the crowd, successfully managing to amuse and enthrall all with plenty of charm, talent and, of course, mesmerizing magic tricks.

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